Talking the Business World by Storm

Latinas are taking the business world by storm. In the last several years the number of Latina business owners has tripled. Meet the Latina entrepreneurs who are breaking records and sharing their secrets of success. First, Isabelle Villasenor never planned on owning seven McDonald's restaurants, but when she divorced her husband, she found herself with the opportunity to become the owner and operator of one and today that number has grown to seven.

Next is the motivational author of the book "Dream Big," Deborah Rosado Shaw. Her life is a testament to perseverance and never giving up on her dreams to succeed in the business world. She is now a multi-million-dollar wholesaler and importer of fashion and sun accessories.

Then, Liz Palacios traveled the world as a young woman living life to its fullest. Eventually, she landed in Southern California looking for work. Her friend introduced her to the business of jewelry which she found herself eventually designing.and creating her own line. Last year Liz Palacios Designs made six million in sales.

And it doesn't stop there& Meet Leonor Gavina, owner of one of the largest gourmet coffee makers in California. Hear her family's story of how they brought their coffee business to the U.S. and have continued the tradition for over century.

Next you'll meet a woman whose worked her way up through the ranks of corporate America. Beatriz Aquirre-Gutai started in sales processing at JAFRA Cosmetics International and is now the general manager of thirty-four thousand Latina sales consultants in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Finally meet Maria Lourdes Sobrino, owner of Lulu's deserts whose business just keeps on growing. Sobrino's business makes fruit gelatins, flans and fruit bars. Find out how a family recipe led to this woman's success.

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